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Time Keynote Sessions - Available for both Physical and Virtual Forum
8:00 - 9:00 Registration
9:00 - 9:10 Welcome Keynote: Modernize
Mr. Sunny Tsang, Sales Director, Enterprise Sales, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
9:10 - 10:00 Executive Keynote: Realize Your Digital Future
Mr. David Webster, President, EMC, Asia Pacific and Japan
10:00 - 10:30 Executive Keynote: Technology Dominance Economy in Greater China
Mr. Danny Tam, President, EMC Greater China
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In this fast-moving digital era, IT and digital transformation have become essential for enterprises to cut through the fierce competition and achieve success. Danny will share with you how IT and digital transformation help enterprises modernize their operations so they can nurture the best talent, enrich the customer experience and enhance business integrity and sustainability.
10:30 - 11:00 Executive Dialogue: AI Technologies Unveil The Power of Digital Transformation
Dr. Andy Chun, Associate Professor and Former Chief Information Officer, City University of Hong Kong
Mr. Man Law, Head of Systems Engineering, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
11:00 - 11:45
Panel Discussion: Modernized Digital Ecosystem
Panel Chair:
Mr. Vincent Kwok, Director, Global Services EMC Hong Kong

Executive Panelists:
Mr. Ted Suen, Head of Information Technology, MTR Corporation Ltd.
Mr. Dwayne Serjeant, Executive Director, Experience Design, Ernst & Young
Mr. Kevin Cheng, General Manager, Powerful Industrial Ltd.
Mr. Sean Lee, Managing Director, Dell Technologies
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Abstract for Panel Discussion
Unprecedented volumes of data generated by connected devices and services, the desire to innovate faster and improve customer experience are prompting enterprises to rethink their IT transformation strategy. A panel of industry experts will discuss how enterprises are modernizing and transforming their IT to achieve real business outcomes and deriving business value from the data generated from technologies like IoT and video surveillance.
11:45 - 12:45
Lunch/Expo Time

Track Sessions
Track Sessions - Available for Physical Forum
Digital Transformation
Modern Infrastructure
Cloud Strategy
12:45 - 13:25
Accelerating your Digital Transformation
Mr.Kenneth Ma, 
Senior Consulting Manager, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
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The confluence of next-generation applications, data analytics and the Internet of Things is driving massive change in every industry around the world. We’re seeing companies of all sizes embark on transformational journeys to become digital businesses and build dramatically smarter products and services. Yet amid all this change, we know that only 5 percent of companies believe they have fully realized their goal of becoming a digital business. In this session, you will learn more about the essential elements needed to successfully achieve your digital aspirations and how EMC can help you accelerate your digital transformation.
Modernize Your Infrastructure
Mr. Donald Cheng, Senior Consulting Manager, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
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IT Transformation requires some new thinking and approaches when it comes to infrastructure. Modernizing your infrastructure also means far more than ensuring that the latest hardware is sitting on the floor. This session will provide insight into the spectrum of considerations when modernizing your infrastructure to support your mission critical applications while providing the agility to support the next generation of applciations whether they sit within your data center, or extend beyond your walls through Hybrid Clouds.
Hybrid Cloud: Transform and Accelerate Your Business
Mr. Guy Pozniak, Director, Hybrid Cloud Platform - APJ, EMC
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This session will provide a comprehensive overview of EMC's overall Hybrid Cloud strategy across the portfolio of products and solutions from EMC strategically aligned businesses. We'll discuss how our cloud-enabling technologies and relevant services can address challenges that companies are facing as they work towards completing their digital transformation and how they can enable IT to accelerate the delivery of business outcomes.
13:25 - 14:05
IT Transformation
Mr. Jimmy Yeung, Strategic Account Director, Industry Sales Group, Intel Corporation
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The blending of traditional and digital business has resulted in the emergence of a digital economy. For organizations looking to survive in this new economy, it can no longer be “business as usual.” The digital economy requires a fusion of business and IT to produce business outcomes that drive innovation and differentiation. But this is not possible on old IT infrastructure. IT Transformation is required to create an agile, flexible, scalable, secure and future-ready infrastructure. This presentation provides an overview of these principles with initial recommendations for how to get started.
EMC Cloud Data Protection: Orchestrate & Automate In Your Private Cloud
Mr. Patrick Cheng, SE Manager, Data Protection Solutions, Greater China South, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
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Successful data protection is a cornerstone of any modern data center. Whether you’re leveraging hybrid cloud, hyper-converged infrastructure, or virtualized infrastructure, learn how only EMC Data Protection Everywhere solutions protect your data no matter where it resides, and across the full spectrum of service levels required by your business.
IoT Analytics From The Edge To Core To Cloud
Mr. Alex Wong, Senior Technology Consultant, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
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Does your business have a use case for public cloud, and still want the flexibility to use private cloud? This session reviews how the different application architectures map to public cloud options. Then using real-world maturity models you'll learn strategies for building a Hybrid IaaS and PaaS Cloud that leverages EMC, VMware and Pivotal technologies.
14:05 - 14:35
Modern Architecture Concepts For Big Data
Mr. Eric Wong, Senior Consultant – IT Support and Services, KARIN
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The Big Data ecosystem continues to grow as the technologies powering this transformation evolve. The goal of this session is to review several of the most common Big Data architecture design concepts and provide executives with a solid taxonomy of tools that will empower them to successfully lead these transformational initiatives.
Practical Approaches to Hybrid IT Challenges
Mr. Keith Austin, Transformation Client Advisor, Dimension Data Hong Kong
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Unleashing the power of your data, creating workspaces for tomorrow, and revolutionising your customer experience – the ambitions of a digital business all depend on mastering hybrid IT. It promises speed, agility, and cost savings – but brings with it challenges in visibility, control, and governance. Our integrated approach to hybrid IT gives you the speed of execution and cost savings you want, with the ability you need to manage governance, risk, and compliance. In our session, we will share you how to practically tackle the hybrid IT challenges.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry + Kubernates, a Cloud Native Runtimes for every workload
Mr. Derrick Wong, Senior Platform Architect, Pivotal
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Pivotal helps the world’s largest organizations operate at startup speeds by providing the best cloud-native runtime for every type of customer workload, accelerating innovation, boosting developer productivity, and automating cloud operations on any infrastructure or cloud. Now, with the introduction of PKS, the cloud-native opportunity for all enterprises has expanded to include workloads where a container is the optimal vehicle to deploy software

14:35 - 15:00 Coffee Break/Expo Time
15:00 - 15:40
Architecture Best Practice For Big Data Deployments
Mr. Ben Goodman, General Manager, Isilon Division, EMC
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We’re seeing the Big Data ecosystem continue to expand as technology innovation advances at an ever-increasing pace. With this growth, business and technology leaders are progressively seeking best practices for the deployment of data analytics solutions. This session will highlight two of today’s most common Big Data architecture design concepts, as well as architectures ideally suited for Hadoop. We will also provide you with a solid taxonomy of tools to better prepare you for success.
Modernize Your IT with EMC Storage and Data Protection Solutions
Mr. Danny Choi, Advisory Systems Engineer, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
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Businesses are going through IT transformation and modernizing their data centers. Learn about the Industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of Best of breed Storage and Data Protection Products and how it helps modernize your IT infrastructure with innovations across all-flash, software-defined, cloud-ready solutions.
A Practical Strategy For Multi-Cloud
Mr. Hang Liu, System Engineer, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
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Come join us to learn how the latest release helps you modernize your virtualized infrastructure.
15:40 - 16:10
Redefine the Video Management Software
Mr. Kevin Cheng , General Manager, Powerful Industrial Ltd. Read more
Illustrate Samsung Wisenet IP Camera with Digifort VMS for VCA function.
The New Generation Network Protocol for All flash Solution
Mr. Eric Lam, System Engineer Manager, Brocade
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Today’s mission-critical storage environments require greater consistency, predictability, and performance to keep pace with growing business demands. Faced with explosive data growth, data centers need more IO capacity to accommodate the massive amounts of data, applications, and workloads. Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel is the purpose-built network infrastructure for mission-critical storage, delivering breakthrough performance, increased scalability, operational stability, and Support multiple NVMe Fabric become viable choices for the enterprise
VMware Cloud, Simplifying and Accelerating Your Multi-Cloud Strategy
Mr. Toon Chwee Wee, Director, Systems
Engineering, VMware Hong Kong
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Within all of our customers, the application is the lifeblood of the organization. It’s how a business stays in operation, generates revenue, gains value from its employees and connects with their customers. Managing this application portfolio is always the CIO’s primary job. Also, every CIO has a mandate to rapidly deliver applications that serve customers and employees with innovative services. Going forward, application needs drive multi-cloud strategy as there will never be a silver bullet fits all application need, VMware multi-cloud strategy could help you out.
16:10 - 16:50
Designing an “Elastic” Data Analytics Platform with Isilon, Hadoop and Virtualization
Mr. Dan Brassington, Head of Big Data Analytics Practice APJ, EMC
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This session explores several common Big Data mistakes, details why and how organizations need to design a platform that lets data scientists fail fast and learn faster, while enabling business-analyst users to reliably extract prescriptive recommendations. The approach combines a public-cloud-like environment, self-service provisioning, and a virtualized big data environment with tools—all supported by a “read-only” master data repository.
EMC Unity: Architectural Overview
Mr. Tac Wah Wan, Technology Consultant, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
VxRail: Level Up With New Capabilities & Powers
Mr. Joe Yip, Senior Technology Consultant, EMC Hong Kong and Macau
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Demands for IT efficiency and agility are impacting enterprises of all sizes. Hybrid clouds are proving to be great enablers of IT Transformation. Join this session to learn how EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud offers one of the fastest paths to a hybrid cloud with flexible workload placement, automation, and self-service. You'll also hear what's new with this market leading platform.
16:50 - 17:00 Closing Session
*Agenda subject to change without prior notice.

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