• Simplify and scale application development


      Accelerate time to market

      Cloud-native application development solutions are available pre-integrated and pre-tested on EMC infrastructure—enabling you to begin developing apps even faster.


      Deliver applications at scale

      Ensure application uptime and operational simplicity at scale as your application and data demands spike or evolve.


      Leverage cloud-native expertise

      Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s global team of engineers and professionals provide our customers with in-demand insights and training.

  • Innovate faster

    EMC Converged Solutions accelerate platform as-a-service (PaaS) for enterprises worldwide, flexibly supporting delivery of both traditional platform 2 applications and “cloud native” platform 3 applications. These solutions provide the agility, flexibility, and speed businesses need to survive and thrive in a world of web, mobile, and cloud based software innovation and disruption:

    • Development teams gain a modern application framework and runtime environment for fast application delivery via a resilient structured platform
    • Operations (DevOps) teams acquire automation to quickly launch new features and to optimize system resources to ensure high performing applications
    • Digital businesses achieve much faster web and mobile innovation to beat competitors to market

    Accelerate time to market  
    Accelerate provisioning and scaling of innovative applications with Pivotal Cloud Foundry on EMC Vblock Systems, VxBlock Systems, VxRail and VxRack System 1000 with FLEX Nodes.  The Native Hybrid Cloud turnkey developer platform, incorporating Pivotal Cloud Foundry, is offered on the VxRail Appliance. Combine the power of enterprise PaaS from industry leaders such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry with the simplicity and value of EMC converged and hyper-converged infrastructure for a wide array of new and existing applications. Further accelerate results through the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform or the Native Hybrid Cloud turnkey solution, which is custom configured, factory installed, and sustained by EMC.

    Deliver applications at scale
    Paired with the flexible scale-up and scale-out, multi-system Vscale Architecture, enterprise PaaS can increase the business contribution from IT application and development environments—ranging from a few custom applications to hundreds or even thousands of complex applications while maintaining data protection, mission-critical availability, and performance.

    Leverage cloud-native expertise
    Pivotal Cloud Foundry is backed by the 1,800 engineers and professionals at Pivotal who have worked with more than 1,000 customers across the globe. Pivotal Cloud Foundry delivers integrated access to an ecosystem of leading open source cloud-native technologies. To fully leverage these technologies and drive digital transformation, basic and advanced training in cloud-native software development and operations is available. 


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